RunUp Fuel Additive

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Decalin RunUp Fuel Additive
Decalin RunUp is approved for use with the new 100VLL (Very Low Lead) fuel announced by the FAA on Special Airworthiness Bulletin NE-11-55.  Decalin RunUp contains two types of additive, one to reduce the negative effects of tetraethyl lead in aviation fuel and the other to improve the combustion efficiency, reduce combustion deposits and clean the fuel delivery system in aircraft.  Users can expect the same level of engine cleanliness when using this fuel and Decalin RunUp as they saw with 100LL.

Decalin RunUp is not approved for use in the engines of certified aircraft but it has the same active ingredient, Tri Cresyl Phosphate as our previous product. Lycoming clone users have reported very good results when using this product.


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