• What information do you collect? – Outline the types of personal information that you collect from customers. This includes home address, e-mail, phone numbers and credit card numbers.
  • How do you collect the information? – Websites collect information from customers in many different ways. Even if you don’t actually sell goods through your site you might have an e-mail sign-up for a newsletter, an application for credit or install cookies on the visitor’s computer to track their activities. Disclose how data is being collected to show you have nothing to hide.
  • How do you use the information? – Include background on how you share customer information with third parties such as to process orders. If you sell customer information to marketers, explain what information is sold and how it could be used.
  • What control does the customer have over their personal information? – Customers need a way to contact your business and control their personal data, whether it’s changing a password on their account or taking their name off of a mailing list. Plan to include a direct phone number or e-mail address that customers can use to manage their information.
  • How do you protect the information? –  Explain how you protect customer data including, but not limited to, website encryption, limiting employee access to sensitive customer data, and server security.