Decalin RunUp Fuel Additive

Decalin RunUp Fuel Additive
Decalin Run Up 16oz
Decalin Run Up 32oz


Decalin RunUp is approved for use with the new 100VLL (Very Low Lead) fuel announced by the FAA on Special Airworthiness Bulletin NE-11-55.  Decalin RunUp contains two types of additive, one to reduce the negative effects of tetraethyl lead in aviation fuel and the other to improve the combustion efficiency, reduce combustion deposits and clean the fuel delivery system in aircraft.  Users can expect the same level of engine cleanliness when using this fuel and Decalin RunUp as they saw with 100LL.

Decalin RunUp is not approved for use in the engines of certified aircraft but it has the same active ingredient, Tri Cresyl Phosphate as our previous product. Lycoming clone users have reported very good results when using this product.
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Notes on using Decalin RunUp:

Some white deposits may be seen on the plugs and in the exhaust pipe during use; this is normal with RunUp since the lead in the fuel is being converted to non conductive lead phosphate. When no additive is used, lead oxide is formed. It is lead oxide which causes plugs to misfire due to its partial conductivity shorting out the plug. In addition, lead oxide tends to form in large clumps or clinkers whereas the lead phosphate is crumbly and if any is left behind in the combustion chamber it deposits in even layers.

  • Scavenges Lead in aviation fuel after combustion to prevent lead oxide buildup on valves but still allows the lead to perform the anti-knock function prior to combustion.
  • It is an excellent additive for auto conversions, where it reduces buildup on oxygen sensors and plugs. If you have to use 100LL, then this stuff is for you.
  • Prevents valve seat erosion from valve seat micro welding. It is equivalent to TCP (for experimental only).
  • Does not contain volatile solvents so it is safe to ship and safe in the cockpit. You can carry it with you for out-of-town airports.
  • Easy to use graduated measuring and dispensing reservoir built into the bottle. No messy syringes!
  • Tested and stable down to 0 degrees F.

Make sure you remove and clean your oxygen sensor every 20 hours to remove these lead phosphate deposits when using Decalin RunUp.
The dosage of 1/2 ounce per ten gallons of fuel is a minimum. This can be increased to a maximum of 2 ounces per gallon for problem engines.